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More fun with spanish

2012-01-22 17:52:29 by TheLazyWierdo

¿Donde esta mi queso? 

Fun with Spanish

2011-10-03 11:52:57 by TheLazyWierdo

!Ayudame por favor! !Los monos volando estan comiendo todos las ventanas en mi cabeza!

word of the day

2011-04-04 19:29:03 by TheLazyWierdo

Moot- 1.Open to debate, 2. of Little practical meaning


2010-10-26 22:32:20 by TheLazyWierdo

I will admit it. I am a very shy person. I have had a huge chrush on one of my best friends. I just heard now she is in a relationship with someone else. ........... I dont know what to do...........

I'll admit it. Ever since i was a kid I have played the Pokemon series on the game boy, and even all the way up to the DS. But I am getting tired of the standard "Get all Badges and Beat Elite Four", the same and boring gameplay that seemes to have existed since the beginning of time. I would like to see something different in a pokemon game. Maybe it would be fun to play as the "bad guys" of the games. Instead of catching new pokemon and filling up that damn pokedex, maybe steal pokemon from other ingame trainers. Perhaps Game Freak and Nintendo can make more of these games based on the different reigons of the "Pokemon World". What I mean by that is that they should make a Team Rocket, a Team Aqua/Magma and whatever came after that. This way they could appeal to those who grew up with pokemon in their lives and are older now. I dont know, but I feel that something should change about the way the games are played. That being said, I dont know how stealing other's pokemon will affect all of the already messed up kids, and if it is even a plausible idea...........

Ny favorite quote from two of the mythbusters:
Adam- "I reject your reality and substitute my own"
Jamie- "Quack, damn you!"

Star Trek

2010-04-20 19:30:38 by TheLazyWierdo

Star Trek is on